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There is an incredible owner benefit to working with Lyle Construction Group as we can make all decisions regarding your project within the four walls of our Oklahoma office. Without the need to obtain permission or financially appease an out of state owner or corporate office, we provide the advantage of money and time savings to our clients.






Preconstruction services are the single most important indicator of a successful project outcome. Engaging a contractor early in the planning stages aligns goals for all project stakeholders – most importantly the owner, architect and contractor. Early involvement allows Lyle to identify constructability issues and recommend value-added systems and materials that help our clients get the most value for their construction dollar.

Construction Management is the method of selecting Lyle Construction Group as the contractor before, or at the same time as, the architect. This gives us time to provide constructability options and ideas that guide the design and final construction documents to achieve the desired results of price, schedule and aesthetics. Individual trades (sitework, drywall, masonry, etc.) are still bid, but awarded to the lowest AND BEST tradesmen.

Allows our owner to hire a contractor and design team under one contract. The design-builder then selects tradesmen who are best suited for this particular project and as a team arrive at finished construction plans and a price specifically tailored to the clients needs. On average, Design Build delivers a finished project 33.5% faster and reduced the cost of construction by 6% over traditional general contracting.

Also known as Design-Bid-Build and is when an owner selects the contractor based on lowest competitive cost. There is no contractor input during design and the bid price is based only on the information provided in the final construction documents. As a locally owned and long-standing construction company, We have relationships with quality tradesmen dedicated to competitive, yet efficient pricing and delivery.

*Preconstruction Services are utilized for Construction Management and Design Build ONLY.*

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