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Grace Lutheran Church Will Soon Celebrate Exciting Renovation

Our hearts go out to the many people who are experiencing personal or professional loss during this unprecedented time in our history.

Grace Lutheran Church

This month, Stava Building is counting our blessings, reflecting on the spirit of Easter, and looking forward to the expression of excitement members of Grace Lutheran Church will have when they can walk into their recently renovated church.

Grace Lutheran Church on historic Route 66 has been a part of Tulsa’s landscape for many years. They are known city-wide for their gracious giving of time, food, and necessities to Tulsa’s most needy families.

The Stava Team was honored to partner with the church to help plan for and provide their desired construction renovations.

Throughout multiple phases, Stava provided improved interior and exterior aesthetics, and extensive upgrades.

Renovated spaces include the congregational, common areas, and the kitchen. Additionally, we provided updates in the sanctuary including the beautiful stained-glass windows.

The most recent phase of construction allowed for remodeled offices, corridors, bathrooms and youth areas, in addition to an improved porte-cochere. Stava is currently providing preconstruction services for a future balcony improvement.

“Hopefully the members of Grace Lutheran are pleasantly surprised when they resume normal worship and church activities. The space is absolutely stunning,” said Curt Hellen, President of Stava Building. “Members of the congregation sewed face masks for our guys. We are so incredibly grateful to have clients and friends like Grace Lutheran Church.”

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