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BY THE BOOK: Stava Building, Metro Christian Collaborate to Enhance School Safety

Schools across the country are faced with tough decisions this fall when it comes to holding in-seat class or remote-learning classes due to COVID-19. Those innovative and proactive in their approach to handling Coronavirus are that much further ahead of the curve in restoring America’s classrooms to relative normalcy.

Metro Christian Academy

Metro Christian Academy is one such school. The highly-regarded K-12 Tulsa private school identified early on the need to revamp some of its facilities and better equip itself to handle Coronavirus by seeking out the services and expertise of another Tulsa innovative leader in the construction industry.

Stava Building was brought on board to create an isolation room specifically identified for children or staff members who could be exposed or infected with COVID-19.

Timing was of the essence.

With the school year coming to a quick close in March 2020, the school system was left in a flux as how to plan for the upcoming Fall 2020/Spring 2021 and beyond. During the Summer of 2020, Stava was asked to help create this isolation room before the possible start of the Fall 2020 school year.

“We examined the existing premises and decided the easiest most cost-efficient way to create this room was to make use of an existing oversized and under-utilized nurses’ area,” said Curt Hellen, President of Stava Building. “The area was divided to create a designated COVID ROOM. The space included access through a separate entrance. All surfaces are easily washable, including ceiling tiles, walls and floor. The space also includes Negative Air Pressure and LED lighting.”

The completion of the room is the latest chapter in the longstanding relationship between Metro Christian Academy and Stava which has been ongoing for many years. In 2019, Stava remodeled the school’s Fine Arts Area and has previously upgraded Metro’s football stadium and classrooms, among other areas on campus.

“We have a great history with Metro,” Stava Building vice president LouAnn Smith said. “This school has done so much for Tulsa and its surrounding areas over the years. It has been an honor to work and collaborate with them on several projects.”

A Tulsa Construction Company Second to None

Since opening its doors in 1988, Stava Building has long been identified as an elite Tulsa construction company.

Stava won multiple “Build Oklahoma” Awards from the Associated General Contractors of Oklahoma (AGCOK) during their annual awards ceremony earlier this year.

The awards were received for their Jackie Cooper Imports Mercedes Benz and Porsche Renovations, as well as the 111 Lofts in Downtown Tulsa for Price Family Properties.

Stava’s core services include Construction Management, General Construction and

Design Build

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